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Energetic Materials Designing Bench (EMDB)

The ability to reliably predict the performance and thermochemical properties of a new energetic material from its molecular structure is highly desirable.

EMDB is a new professional package in the area of EMs, which calculates more than thirty physicochemical and detonation parameters for different pure explosives or energetic formulations (for C-H-N-O-F-Cl-Al-Br-I-S compounds). The unique property of the EMDB code is that, in contrast to other codes, it does not require the density or enthalpy of formation as an input but estimates these values on the basis of the molecular structure.

The predecessor of EMDB is the improved version of the EDPHT program package. In the viewpoint of capabilities, methods, and appearance, EMDB is therefore the improved, up-dated and advanced successor of the EDPHT code. Many of the correlations have been modified and upgraded based on the latest literature, which has resulted in a significant improvement in the accuracy and precision of the results which are obtained using EMDB in comparison with the values obtained from the EDPHT code.

EMDB Software

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EMDB Software



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  • Updates every other year
  • First two updates free

For obtaining serial number, send screen shot of your computer to EMTO:

After payment of € 500.- to our account number, you will then receive the serial number. Every other year, EMDB will be updated and its capabilities will be improved. The first two updates will be free for customers of old versions.

See for further information:

Energetic Materials Designing Bench (EMDB), Version 1.0, M. H. Keshavarz, T. M. Klapötke, M. Suceska, Propellants Explosives Pyrotechnics 2017, 42, 854–856.